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Vikar Ahmed 

"Vikar Ahmed Fine Gemstones & Jewelry", which was founded in 2004 in Idar-Oberstein Germany, is a specialist of rare diamonds and of the finest colored stones. We do supply rubies from Burma and Mozambique, emeralds from Colombia and Zambia, midnight blue sapphires, sea blue paraiba tourmalines, also high quality spinels in all shades, as well as tanzanites, aquamarines, peridots and garnets are part of our repertoire. Being specialists, we do offer gemstones in very unusual sizes and quality, which is also confirmed by the long-standing customer base, including renowned brands, worldwide recognized jewelers, international celebrities, and moreover Asian royal families.


Design & Craftsmanship

Discover the passion that lies in each of our creations. With us you will find a large in-house collection which is worked out down to the last detail. Pieces of jewelry are also created by our designers respecting your own ideas. In advance you will receive a detailed watercolor drawing, accompanied by a three-dimensional visualization that is created specially for you with our latest CAD programs. According to strict quality standards, our goldsmiths then manufacture the piece of jewelry with the highest precision and technical skills.


The acquisition of high-quality raw materials is the first step in the creation of a fine gemstone. A specialist knowledge is needed as well as a great amount of years of experience. Over the years we have succeeded in building an extensive network. That is why we obtain our raw materials from leading mines in Asia, Africa and South America therefore ensuring the highest quality. Our raw material is only cut in Idar-Oberstein by experienced master lapidaries who recognize the natural potential of every stone and thus give it the perfect shape.


Our passion and fascination for the world of gemstones is reflected in the high-quality pieces of jewelry that are processed to perfection. Our goldsmiths from Idar-Oberstein use their craftsmanship to produce beautiful, perfectly shaped pieces for you, using state-of-the-art machines. When setting the gemstones in the piece of jewelry, extreme care, expertise and precision are required from the specialists.

The luxury brand "NEO ART OF HAUTE JOAILLERIE", made in Germany by Vikar Ahmed, is created through the combination of this goldsmith´s art with the most unique gemstones from all over the world.


Our company headquarters are in the gemstone metropolis Idar-Oberstein, where you will find a large selection of loose, exquisite gemstones as well as finished pieces of jewelry. You are welcome to visit us in our showroom at any time as we are looking foward to helping you.